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Kumkum Studio is an award-winning Wedding Photography studio in Jaipur. We are amongst the pioneers of the Wedding Photography genre and one of the first husband-wife driven wedding photographers in the city. We are proud to be amongst the photographers who defined this genre and offer everything you need to make your wedding memories eternal.

We love to create wedding stories using a combination of still wedding photos and the wedding movie to create a comprehensive story that will stay in your family for generations to come. We love all sorts of weddings, whether they’re big destination weddings or tiny intimate city weddings. We enjoy making wedding stories. We look forward to being a part of your big day as we are providing Wedding photography in Jaipur.

Wedding photography is a kind of photography that activities are related to the wedding ceremony. It contains photographs of the couple before marriage and all coverage of the wedding and reception. Kumkum Studio creates the fabulous Wedding photography in Jaipur, our professionals have the great experience for the same that you can see in our work.

You’re getting married. You’re looking for an Indian Wedding Photographer to shoot your dream wedding. The good part is that there is no right and wrong selections – Indian Wedding Photographers are now amongst the reliable in the world, and the key is to find a photographer who is able to style matches the story you want for your wedding. We are amongst the pioneers of the Wedding Photography in Jaipur and are proud to be counted amongst the top wedding photographers in India.

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