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Kumkum Studio is one of the topmost studios in Jaipur. We are the group of People passionate about photography, videography, designs & editing work too. We always together create beautiful memories by our work, we love our work & always accept it as a challenge.

What make us different from other photographers are the relationships we build. We see ourselves as more than just photographers - we are artists, trusted vendors, and an additional support system to make our client's day run smoothly. To us, a happy client is not just a client for the day, but a client and a friend for life.

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Capturing the story of your life
WEDDING Photography
Kumkum Studio is an award-winning Wedding Photography studio in Jaipur. We are amongst the pioneers of the Wedding Photography genre and one of the first husband-wife driven wedding photographers in the city...
Pre Wedding Photography In Jaipur
Pre WEDDING Photography
Pre-wedding photography is pretty much in trend now. The emotions and excitement that you feel just a few days before the most special day of your life, can only be shared with your partner...
Pre Wedding Photography In Jaipur
Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a beautiful chapter in your love story that deserves to be cherished forever.
professional photographer in Jaipur
A pre-wedding video is more than just a beautiful memory; it's the start of your journey together as a couple.
Candid Photography In Jaipur

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How we execute our photos ?

1.E-book: This is a cloud based server developed by us for the storage of all the photos of your entire function. This facilitates unlimited sharing, upload and download options. You don’t have to waste any space on your device as downloading your favourite pictures to get them printed is one click away. To see the sample of and E-book click here.

2.Online Album: Once you have selected your favourite photos from the E-book, our proficient editors will begin the album designing and editing procedure. Through editing and sorting of photographs, we try to tell the story of your wedding from start to finish. The album should narrate the fairy tale that your wedding was, which is why Kumkum photos is the most popular choice for wedding photography in Jaipur. Moreover, this online album is shared with you for your review. Since it is your story, your input and involvement is very important to us. You can ask for any modifications and customisations before the album is printed.

3.Photo Book- The Physical Album: After all the necessary modifications have been mad and we have received the go sign from you, we start the printing process of the wedding album. This is done on premium quality paper, with state of the art printers which produce sharp and clear images so you can encase these memories forever without them fading.

4.Mobile App of the album: let’s be honest, l physical albums can be tough to carry around. But you also need to share the photos with your friends and family. Keeping this in mind, we designed an app which stores your entire album and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Simply install the app and access your photos with a click. Since you can use the app offline as well, feel free to share the photos with anyone at anytime, anywhere.

How we execute our Videos ?

1.Trailer- At Kumkum photos, each wedding is nothing short of a Bollywood romantic movie. To make you feel the same way we have the same format as that of a movie. The trailer is a short and candid teaser of the wedding film which is ‘COMING SOON’. This contains some happy, some sad but all heartwarming and emotional moments from the wedding along with the toasts/speeches of your loved ones.

2.Short Film- This is an 8-10 minute video of the best candid moments from your wedding ceremony. It gives you the flavour and a sneak peak into what is to come.

3.Wedding Documentary- This is the complete movie. It is a 1 hour documentary of your wedding edited to perfection with soul touching music and special effects. It’s a film to invoke the emotions and passion of the days you will always remember. The highlights of your wedding will forever be imprinted in your memory making it unforgettable.

4.Complete DVD package- This is the complete unlimited DVD version of all the photos shot throughout the span of your wedding. Our team of editors will design a package showcasing your entire family and friends in the moment, enjoying the ceremony.

Upload your photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Share them with your friends and family via WhatsApp or our cloud based storage. With our experience, state of the art cameras and high end editing equipment, we aspire to make your wedding seem like something out of a fairytale. Having Kumkum photos studio as your wedding photographer, you will receive a bag full of compliments and magical memories preserved forever.

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